Michal Checinski

Test Azure Policies

June 14, 2021 , posted under Azure Azure Policy Governance — 5 min read Testing Azure Policies can be hard. Often you need to deploy Azure Policies to the working environment. This could break something (hopefully not production) or disable the ability to deploy new resources if the policy has deny effect. Read More >>

Saving Terraform state file on Azure Storage

October 5, 2020 , posted under Terraform Azure — 7 min read Terraform has its state. This state contains a definition for the current state of the resources managed by Terraform. Terraform uses this ‘state’ for tracking infrastructure and its changes. When you create a resource using Terraform, it will save the connection between this resource and appropriate Terraform config describing this resource. Read More >>

News from Microsoft Ignite 2020

September 22, 2020 , posted under Microsoft Azure conference — 1 min read Microsoft Ignite 2020 has begun today (September 22nd) and will go on to September 24th, 2020. It’s one of two (the other is Build) big Microsoft conferences. This year is different (as Build was back in May) because it is on-line conference. Read More >>

Working with multiple Azure subscriptions in console

June 21, 2020 , posted under Azure — 2 min read Often there are more than one Azure subscription in one organization. The split is made to keep different projects, company divisions or environment separate. Especially the latter division is important due to security and access control. Read More >>

Delete multiple Azure Service Principals except

April 27, 2020 , posted under Azure — 3 min read I wanted to delete all service principals matching a pattern. Nothing exciting and complicated right? But I wanted to exclude two service principals that matched pattern. I will use AzPowershell module just for convenience. Read More >>

Using files from other stage in Azure pipelines

April 20, 2020 , posted under Azure — 3 min read When we build Azure pipeline using yaml we often need to use files that are generated in one stage in the next stage. Recently I stumbled upon this problem when I wanted to build project in the first stage of the pipeline and then publish output files in the next stage. Read More >>