Michal Checinski

Delete multiple Azure Service Principals except

April 27, 2020 , posted under Azure — 3 min read I wanted to delete all service principals matching a pattern. Nothing exciting and complicated right? But I wanted to exclude two service principals that matched pattern. I will use AzPowershell module just for convenience. Read More >>

Using files from other stage in Azure pipelines

April 20, 2020 , posted under Azure — 3 min read When we build Azure pipeline using yaml we often need to use files that are generated in one stage in the next stage. Recently I stumbled upon this problem when I wanted to build project in the first stage of the pipeline and then publish output files in the next stage. Read More >>

Sending delayed messages to Azure Service Bus

February 13, 2019 , posted under Azure — 1 min read When working with Azure Service Bus I was wondering if I can send delayed messages to Service Bus Queues. It will decrease the calls count for Azure Functions and simplify the whole solution’s architecture. Read More >>

Task names in Azure Batch

February 11, 2019 , posted under Azure Programming — 2 min read Recently I worked intensively with Azure Batch. During the work, there were couple of problems (as usual). One of them were too long task id or containing illegal characters in task id. Read More >>